Accelerated Receivables Management Solutions, LLC

ARMS expertise, tenacity, and technology shortens the revenue cycle and vastly increases the percentage of paid claims.

Welcome to Accelerated Receivables Management Solutions (ARMS). We provide services that dramatically increase the percentage of paid claims and accelerate the receivables process for medical care providers. ARMS specializes in advanced claims processing techniques for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and Workers' Compensation (WC) insurance claims.

ARMS works on behalf of hospitals, physician groups, managed care organizations, clinics and other health care providers, applying its 3T approach — Teamwork, Technology and Tenacity — to recover full payment on most claims. We convert your new and old insurance bills into immediate cash flow.

ARMS created a unique and completely integrated system called Alchemy™ for the processing of medical claims that integrates billing, collections and legal components.  Our system and process produce an unparalleled liquidation rate of successfully resolved claims.

Our services include day-one billing, aged receivable collections, legal action (against insurer when necessary, with client approval), and receivables management consulting.  We successfully collect on claims aged from day one to as far back as 6 years for MVA and 20+ years for Workers Comp.  Click here to find out what else makes ARMS the best choice for your organization. 

Experience a dramatic increase to your bottom line by contacting ARMS today at or 781.559.8765.