Accelerated Receivables Management Solutions, LLC
ALCHEMY™ Highlights
  • Advanced technology automates and optimizes all collection processes, procedures, and policies
  • Integrated system enables unparalleled levels of efficiency for processing and collecting more claims faster
  • Business intelligence (BI) and analysis engine allows for rapid identification and collection of top claims
  • Sophisticated workflow and knowledge engine ensures timely and appropriate follow-up on all claims
  • Intelligent rules processing engine ensures all appropriate revenue sources and avenues are pursued in full
  • Policy management engine eliminates human processing errors that can prevent claims from being paid
  • Automated lawsuit and small claims generator and management module
  • Electronic medical records storage, management and retrieval system
  • Portable scanning support for capturing records at client site
  • Comprehensive and customized management reporting
  • Complete and detailed audit trail of ALL account activity,
    available to clients via reports or transferred directly to systems such as Meditech
  • Secure, audited, HIPAA compliant system