Accelerated Receivables Management Solutions, LLC
  • Comprehensive and integrated billing, collection, and legal services for hospitals and medical providers


  • Experts in auto accident and Workers Comp claim processing


  • Achieve a 30-40% increase over industry standards in collection rates for new and
    aged claims


  • Most experienced legal team with a 90% success rate on MVA and Workers Comp claims


  • Expert management team with more than 60 years of medical claims processing experience


About Us

Our Team

We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts in Auto Accident and Workers Compensation claims from the insurance industry, patient accounting departments, and the legal arena. We have created teams to handle all of the following facets of our business:

  • Original day-one billing
  • Aged receivable collection
  • Litigation against insurers
  • Technology

Our Company

Accelerated Receivables Management Solutions (ARMS) was created specifically to assist hospitals and medical practices in the processing and collection of their receivables, concentrating on workers compensation and no-fault auto accident claims. ARMS brings extensive industry experience and a proprietary state-of-the-art information system (Alchemy™) to process these claims more efficiently and effectively. ARMS distinct integration of the billing, collection and legal processes generates a much higher level of urgency and pressure on the insurance companies to pay open invoices. ARMS not only reduces processing time but increases significantly the percentage of collected funds, typically in the magnitude of 30 to 40 percent higher. Achieving these goals provides a critical financial advantage for our clients.

Our Mission

To drastically increase the percentage of our clients’ collected invoices, by improving the efficiencies and tenacity in the collection of MVA and Workers Compensation billings. On behalf of our clients, we will shorten the revenue cycle as we vastly increase the percentage of collected claims. We will process claims directly and without unnecessary patient and claimant contact. To achieve our goals, we shall apply years of industry expertise through our experienced claims processors utilizing ARMS state of the art processes and software systems.